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I'm Lorrelle you can call me Lori if you like. I have been a Disney fan since i stated to walk and talk. and that has been 42 years and some months.....

My great Aunts use to work at Disneyland making the dolls for he Small World Ride.

Some of my best memories are of me going to Disneyland over the years but the best ones that stand out are Meeting Micheal Jackson when he was buying the painting of Never Land..that was when I was still in high school and Micheal was wearing his thriller jacket and the glove on his hand way before his appearance changed.

Some other great memories are of  grad night 87...When i saw Wang Chung preform for the first time "Everybody have fun!" and when vidoeoplious was still up and going strong!

I love the parades and meet and greets with the charters but my all time favorite moment ever was when i went to the Disney Barn in Griffith Park and met Margette Kerry the real Tinker Bell (not the one that flies  around the castle but the one that was  rendered after her for the first animated Peter Pan movie)and I heard her life some  great pictures too!

My other fav memory is of the 50th anniversary .i was the 150th person in the park!....A group of renfaire friends and i were dressed as the original mouseketeers that evening after i got off the matter horn  guess who approached me? Bobby Briggs the original bobby he loved my outfit  and asked about it he said it looked so  real like the ones they wore back in the 50's!

I'm a plus sized model and I love costume play and i go to Disneyland a lot .I have a deluxe annual pass

I am also a background extra in some Disney movies and some regular tv shows.

I love sewing, taking pictures,scrap booking, and I am a freelance photo Journalist. i have 5 articles that have been published on line .

Well i hope this helps you with a getting to know me a little.

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