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We just stayed there this past weekend and while the hotel was a pretty basic Holiday Inn, the restaurant The Onyx was pretty atrocious. The server had a minimal grasp of English and the food was poor quality and expensive. He made at least 5 separate trips for spoons, salad dressing, napkins, etc. If I had not been so wiped out from travel I would have made a stink with the manager. I am guessing they are banking on the fact they have a bar and that most people will fall back on this restaurant at the end of a long travel day. Dinner for 4 adults at this place was over $70 dollars for chicken strips, soup/salad, soup, and pasta dinners. The dessert we added on to take up to room was over $10 for 2 soggy freezer cake slivers. Be warned....your overpriced food dollars should go to Disney, not this place. 

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